An Invocation for Creative Expression.

Sentir /sen̦.'tir/ (verb): Spanish for “to feel” and “to express”.

Fashion is the art of expression and a visual communication of emotion, persona, and creative purpose. Moved by the sentiment of our namesake, our collection is made for the creative change-makers who connect with this very artform, and encourages people to cultivate a particular kind of resonance, feeling and expression.

But beyond bold expression, we also believe that personal style requires a delicate balance, and should be an extension of everyday purpose. Rooted in the philosophy of ‘freedom within fashion’, we do not sacrifice utility for style, which is why our collection is designed with simplicity in mind, creating space for people to live, move and explore with ease. 

We believe that we are multi-disciplinary fashion innovators, simply because we take the time to think outside of the box, draw outside of the lines and redefine the way we practice fashion by integrating longevity, simplicity, and sustainability within our creation Thoughtfully designed, sourced, and crafted from organic, high-quality fabrics, each piece becomes a keepsake that can be worn and lived-in for years to come.

Driven to make bold statements and big movements, our contemporary collection is the invocation for all modern nomads to dress with intention and freedom, but most of all, dress with unapologetic expression.


We meticulously design each piece to be both an effortless extension of your creative expression and a reflection of our core values. We believe in innovation and simplicity and that the planet and people  should never suffer in the name of fast fashion trends.

Our timeless designs are crafted by artisans in limited numbers using consciously sourced natural materials. Our transparent supply chain reduces our environmental footprint and cares for our talented community of makers and suppliers who bring our designs to life